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Save $6 on Two Dinner Entrées at Olive Garden for 10 points + More at Recycle Bank

Have you tried Recycle Bank yet? If not, then you should. Recycle Bank is a site that gives you rewards for helping your environment, whether it is pledging to recycle or taking the time to watch a one minute video on how other companies are doing their part to minimize waste.

Right now, when you sign up, you can get an easy 110 points to exchange for rewards. Here's what you need to do:

1. Register or Sign-in at Recycle Bank.
2. Click on the tab "Earn Points."
3. Watch the Miller Coors video & take the quick quiz to earn 30points. (This will take no more than 2 mins.)
4. Play the Naked Juice's (extremely short) game to earn another 30points.
5. Click on the "Saw Us on Television" link and get an easy 50points.

You don't have to do get all 110 points today though. But you can redeem several hot coupons for these points. Today, you can get the following cool printable coupons:

1. Save $6 on Two Dinner Entrées at Olive Garden for 10 points (previously 150 points)
2. Save $10 on your $50 or more purchase at Staples for 10 points (previously 75 points)
3. Join Sam's Club and get a $10 gift card for 10 points (previously 100 points)

You can see even more rewards under the "Get Rewards" tab. Also, don't forget to check in every once in a while as they have different rewards all the time.

Best deals I probably got from this site is a $5 off ANY purchase on Ebay for 10 points and a B1G1 coupon for any 2-liter Coke product for 10 points. :)

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