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Free Parenting Magazines

If you've read my post about the crazy diaper deals I get from Amazon and you are wanting to take advantage of the deals too, this post might be useful to you. 

As mentioned in my post, you can get the Amazon coupons inside various parenting magazines. I have subscriptions to almost all of them and I got them for free too (of course!). :D 

So far, I found links for a free subscription to two parenting magazines. Click on the name of the magazine/s you are interested in and it will take you to the link where you can sign up for the free subscription:

ValueMags used to offer a free subscription to Parenting, The Early Years magazine. But unfortunately, the offer has ended. You could still sign up in the site though. That way, they can send you an email if they're offering the free subscription again. 

As for the Parents magazine, you might try to get a subscription by signing up at StrongMoms.com. The site is by Similac and the last time I signed up, they gave me a 6-month subscription to Parents magazine, over $30 worth of vouchers for Similac formula, as well as one full-sized tub of Similac Advance and one full-size can of Similac Sensitive formula.  Pretty awesome freebie. :) 

Also, don't forget to check your local Babies R Us store or Burlington Coat Factory's Baby Depot as you can get the latest copy of BabyTalk or American Baby there for free. 

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