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FREE Large Photo Book at Picaboo.

For a limited time, Picaboo is offering their large classic photo book for free! Just use code: FREECC before you check out. 

Regular price for this photo book is $39.99, so it's an awesome freebie! 

Shipping is $7.99, but it's still not bad considering what you're getting for free. 

Have fun creating your photo books! :)


  1. Wow! This is great...even better if I could get it for Migs' birthday photos! Philippines sucks (only because I can't get this deal. boooooo!) :P

  2. @Che: Do the deal and give me the email add and password you used to register in Picaboo after you're done with making the book. I'll pay for it and have it shipped here. :D

  3. Coolness! Will do just that! Super thanks! Btw, I already have the photos that you can choose from for Sophie's birthday. You might also want to check out orientaltraiding.com. They have AMAZING items there you could use and I think they are quite inexpensive...they even have items that are "Noah's Ark" inspired and not just jungle or safari.

  4. No prob. Mura lang naman eh. :)

    Wait. Lost ako. Why would I need photos for Sophie's birthday? I looked at Oriental Trading na. :)

  5. Yung photos of animal/jungle souvenirs na available sa divilandia for Sophie's Birthday. Will post the photos tonight when I get back home.

    Nice sa oriental trading noh?