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Crazy Diaper Deals At Amazon

Ok, so I just finished ordering diapers from Amazon (again) and ended up paying $1.83 for 534 diapers (all different sizes) with free shipping. While I know that there are already a ton of people who are taking advantage of this crazy deals, I know too that some of you are still unaware of how this thing works. So, I'll try to explain how to do this deal as simply as I could. 

First, check if you have any of these parenting magazines: BabyTalk, Parenting (The Early Years), Parents, and American Baby. If you do, check if they have the Amazon tear-off cards/coupons (pictured above). If you don't have any of these magazines, head on over to your local Babies R Us store or Burlington Coat Factory's Baby Depot. They give away copies of BabyTalk magazine for free. A good place to go look for these coupons too is your pediatrician's office or your local library. There are people who sell them too on Ebay but I noted that one Amazon coupon usually sells for about $5-8 and that doesn't include shipping. I don't recommend that as it's fairly easy to get the coupons for free. 

Now, Amazon gives away 2 kinds of coupons: one is a 20% off diaper purchase and the other is a $10 off any purchase in Amazon's baby store. Apart from that, it it fairly important to note that they are printing 2 kinds of 20% coupons too. Some coupons will start with a "YT" and some begin with "YJ."  If you're lucky enough to get a "YJ," "YT," and $10 off coupon,  then you can stack them all together to get the lowest possible price you can get for diapers.

After you get all these coupons, it's time to sign up for an account at Amazon or sign-in if you already have an existing account. After you sign up/sign-in, join Amazon Mom to get free shipping and an additional 15% discount. It is free to join. 

After you do that, you can go ahead and choose the diapers you want/need. Once you have chosen your diapers, click on the tab "subscribe and save" to drive the price lower. This is also free service and you can cancel anytime (I usually cancel after my diapers arrive). After subscribing, you will then be directed to the page where you can add your coupon codes. Here's a computation of one of the deals I got after I joined Amazon Mom, ordered diapers via "subscribe and save," and put in all my coupons:

LUVS Size 5 Diapers - 150 count

Regular Price:                                                                                          $35.05

Amazon Mom + Subscribe & Save Discount:                         -    $10.52    
One "YT" 20% Off Coupon:                                                            -    $  7.01
One "YJ" 20% Off Coupon:                                                             -    $  7.01
One $100 Off Coupon:                                                                     -    $10.00
TOTAL:                                                                                                    $ 0.51

Now, is that not a ridiculously great deal?! Hope you can all get in on these deals while Amazon is still doing 'em. I don't know how long this deal is gonna last so I went ahead and used all the coupons I have. 

Let me know if you're planning to do the deal or if you have any additional questions for me. I'd like to hear what kind of deal you got! :) 

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